Alicia Keys Helps An HIV Cause

HIVToday is the LAST DAY to donate to this EMPOWERED project to help women in the U.S. access HIV services. Stand in solidarity with our moms, daughters, and sisters and donate today – this is powerful! we’re almost there!


Help AIDS United and Alicia Keys raise $25,000 to support innovative programs across the United States that serve women at risk or living with HIV.

Why we care: Women account for approximately 27 percent of new HIV cases in the United States.

How we’re solving this: Making $25,000 worth of grants to innovative programs for marginalized, underserved populations of women that don’t have or can’t access HIV preventive and care services.

The number of women living with HIV in the United States has grown steadily for the last 30 years. In 1985, only eight percent of new U.S. HIV cases were reported in women; by 1992, it was 14 percent. Today, women account for at least 27 percent of new U.S. cases.


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